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What to Expect at Your Hair Trail/Consultation with GoodeHair's Shannon Goode.

What to Expect at Your Hair Trial/Consultation 


GoodeHair's Shannon Goode

Planning a wedding can be intense, overwhelming or the time of your life.

Some brides love every detail and others don't seem to concern themselves with all the details.  Either way, there are lots of decisions to be made.

Hiring a hair stylist, make up artist, event coordinator, venue(s), transportation, 

hotel, etc... is a pretty big deal.

Finding the right artist for each aspect of your wedding day is very important.

One of the best ways to know and feel secure in your choice is to meet with your vendors.

Meeting with your hair stylist, for example, to talk about options is a great start.

Shannon Goode is a highly experienced and specialized hair stylist with more than 18 years in the beauty industry's styling chair.  Choosing a hair stylist who loves what they do and understands it to the smallest detail is crucial.  Whether you are wishing for texture, curl, a rockin' blow out, or perfected updo, finding a stylist who knows her stuff is one of the best decisions you can make.  

The guarantee of a good hair day on the day of your wedding is priceless.

hannon Goode offers hair trials/consultations in her home studio.  Walking into a professional, adequate, and fully stocked studio is a great way of getting an idea of what your stylist is capable of.

The hair trial lasts up to one hour.  During the hair trial, you will have the opportunity to talk about timelines, bridal party wishes/desires, procedure for the wedding day, location, 2nd style options, and how the day of the wedding will flow.

Coming to your hair trial prepared with all of your hair details, as far as veils, hair pieces, very important.  You will have the opportunity to see what everything looks like when it is all pulled together.  Having the chance to play around with positioning of the hair as opposed to hair pieces can be a lot of fun.  

During your hair trial, the stylist will create the look you are wishing for.  Some tweaks may be necessary to create the optimal look for your face shape, etc..  Trusting the stylist's professional opinion is greatly helpful.  Experienced stylists will know how to create the look you are wishing for while forming the shape that is necessary to create the perfect style.

Coming to the hair trial/consultation with pictures is helpful.  A great way of obtaining pictures is Pinterest.  Pinterest offers an endless array of photos.  Choosing a desired look for the front, sides and back is preferred.  Finding several photos of each angle is great.  Find different photos of hair styles with different textures to get a feel for what may be realistic.

Also, knowing how much volume you prefer and be prepared to talk about your every day styling preferences.  Believe it or not, your every day styling preference effects what you may end up liking as far as your wedding day style.  Most brides like to look like themselves.  This is a very realistic idea.  You don't want your groom looking at you wondering what happened.  

When the style is agreed upon and you feel comfortable and optimally excited about the style, Shannon will photograph you from all sides.  These photos come in handy on the day of the wedding.  Shannon will bring out the photos and talk with you about them.  

Questions about the photos might be something like, 

"What did you think about your hair once you got home?" 

 "Did it hold up ok?"  

"What would you like to change?"  

"What was your favorite part?"

"Was there something you did not like?"

This gives your stylist a great insight as to what needs to be tweaked or perfected.  

Most times at the trial, the style you leave with may not be absolutely perfect.  That is not the goal of the hair trial.  The goal of the trial is to get a good idea of what will work and the basic shape and texture of the hair.

You can rest assured that your hair will be perfectly the way you want it on the wedding day.

Forming a relationship with Shannon at the hair trial is helpful.  She gets to know you and know what you like and dislike.

The hair trial is also a great time to get referrals.  Some of the best referrals come from other professionals/vendors.  Referring another vendor is a big deal.  We, in the wedding business, get a lot of opportunities to meet many vendors.  Some of the vendors are highly recommended, others are not recommended for a reason.  Recommending another vendor is like putting our name on it.  I do not recommend another vendor/artist unless I have personal experience with them.  If I would use the artist/vendor myself then and only then will I  recommend them, 

Feel free to ask questions.  Make sure that when you leave you feel like you have something marked off of your long to-do list.  Feeling confident in your stylist is very important.  Photos are around forever.  You want to look your best and feel confident on your wedding day.

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