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What I needed most at a crucial time in my life. | Photography by Chad DiBlasio Photography

What I needed most at a crucial time in my life.

Going through hard times can strengthen you or bury you. This is something I have learned over the last year or so in my life.

I’ve never been great at asking for help. It’s just who I am. Trying to conquer mountains by myself has been the struggle of a lifetime. However, coming out on the other side has taught me a lifetime of lessons.

One of those lessons is that people like to help. The people in our lives like to be a part of our lives.

I just happen to be a freelance traveling hair stylist. Most of my friends are makeup artists and hair stylists who I work with often. Depending on them to encourage, support and inspire is super important. While I am a super independent, do everything by myself kind of person, I have learned that connecting with my friends (especially in the beauty field) is crucial.

Hold on…I want to press pause and go back a little bit.

Looking back, I have tried to figure out what has made me a do-it-yourself and don’t ask for help kind of person. Sometimes I wonder if it was some of the traumatic things that have happened along the way. I have always been very persistent and I don’t take no for an answer kind of person…especially when it is something I want badly. However, I think the thing that has effected me the most are some of the bigger more unexpected life happenings that have caught me off guard. For instance, my mom going through breast cancer and trying to find a way to make it through without feeling crushed or other more personal attacks that have changed me forever.

While I am so grateful to have bumps in the road that build character, sometimes I wonder if they have made me more self reliant.

This is one of the reasons why community is such a big passion of mine. Coming together with people who are along a similar path can be very uplifting. Reminding yourself that you are not in it alone can be the difference between success and failure. Being a freelancer can be very isolating. Working alone has a lot of pros but it also has some not-so-glorious parts.

Successes are made possible by hard work, dedication and the community who surrounds each other in support and undeniable similarities.

All of this is to say that we all go through life with hiccups but having a support team surrounding you can keep you on your feet and moving forward. Friends make everything better!

What are your struggles?

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