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Vue Columbus | Chic, Modern, Stylish, Urban. | Creative and Energetic Offsite Meetings | Modern Love

Vue Columbus, the destination for modern, elegant, trendy and smart wedding receptions.  The stylish, urban space is also well known for creative and energetic offsite meetings.  

Located at 95 Liberty St. Columbus downtown.  Making your wedding celebration / reception memorable begins with choosing the best space.  Located in the heart of the trend setting and swanky Brewery District, the sought after site is a must-have.  The splendid patio features amazing views of historic buildings and the skyline of Columbus' best.  What's not to love about having all the best features of Columbus in one gorgeous venue.  While convenience and magnificient eye candy are high on the list, amenities are a sure way to seal the deal.  

Vue offers many features.  Their website explains them thoroughly, however, I just have to tell you a few.  

1.   Private use of the facility - that is huge!  Knowing you have privacy and priority during your event is priceless.

2.  Dedicated Event Planning Team  - What could be better than having a team who is experienced, dedicated and willing to do what it takes to help you have the best day of your life!

3.  Simple, upfront cost structure and planning - Knowing what to expect with pricing is helpful beyond words.  Things add up quickly and while it is the best day of your life, knowing in the beginning is invaluable.

4.  Flexible Decorating Options -  Customizing your event is one of the things a girl looks forward to her whole life (in some cases).  The possibilities are endless!

5.  You just have to check out their website to see all their options and features!  VUE

Liz Seiley (CTA), Vue Columbus' co-founder, is quite a treat. When asked what she likes most about what she does, she replied, "Meeting new people and helping brides and grooms make the wedding of their dreams come true".  Having the opportunity to work  in a field you are passionate about is amazing.  

What makes Vue Columbus stand out?  The "belief in customer service" above all.  Also, "doing whatever is possible to help people with their events at our venue for a reasonable value."  Something you can expect from Liz and the team at Vue Columbus is responsiveness in a timely fashion.  Responsiveness is huge. Knowing that the team, who will be a big part of making your event the best it can be, cares about your questions, cares and concerns is priority.

Want to visit the venue?  Contact Liz first.  Making the contact either by phone or email will help her to be prepared for your arrival.  Gathering as much information as possible will help the tour to go much smoother.  She will then be prepared to answer questions you may have.

Did you know:

Vue is the host location for FLIP.  What is FLIP?

"Ready to ‘Make the FLIP?’ If you are looking for a great way to stay in shape, meet new people and not spend money, then you should come to check out FLIP’s new Fit and Social club at Vue. We’ll kick things off with a Bootcamp DVD 60 day challenge. We’ll continue to look for new and fun ways to work out for NO COST! Gyms and trainers are great, but there’s nothing wrong with saving a little money, meeting some new people and having some fun. While it's cold out, let’s take advantage of a free resource: FLIP’s new building at 95 Liberty St in the Brewery District and the huge projection screen. We’ll host a new workout every day at a time that seems to work for most. (we’ll say flexible and adjust as we go)."

Vue's FLIP program is a cancer prevention nonprofit!

Trendsetting I would say!  Making strides to better Columbus in more ways than one is a clear reason why Vue is a venue to look in to.  Not only do they care about your wedding day, they also care about leading the charge in the trendy Columbus downtown.

Interested in finding more information?

Check out their website here: Vue Columbus

Vue is easily found on social media outlets.  Look for them at: @VueColumbus on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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