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This April, Redhead Bride, Rocked My World in her Michigan meets Columbus Wedding.

(Mike Lotz Photography) 

Tory has a way of brightening a room.  Her spunk and bubbliness rocked my world.  

Tory first contacted me in January.  This is cutting it close when you have an April wedding.  However, it worked out nicely for Tory.  Her hair trial was the week before her wedding.  However, she knew what she wanted and her hair was to die for!  Tory's hair is long, bouncy, full of life and red!  Gotta love a stunning redhead.  This made my job that much easier.  What's not to love about hair like that?!  Her vision was to wear her hair down, showcasing her dashing red locks.  Best idea ever!

The morning of the wedding was bright and sunny.  It felt refreshing and couldn't have been a better day for two amazing people to join together their lives in love. 

The morning beauty regimen began at 8a with a finish time of 1p.  This allowed for more than enough time to design and inspire the party of eight delightfully dazzling ladies.  The inspirations spanned a range of hairstyles including curly updos with lots of volume to ravishing twist and curls pulled to the side to all down bouncy beautiful curls, polished and coiffed just perfectly.  From blonde strands to brunette beauties and finally an impressively spendid redhead...this was the recipe for some mind-blowing pictures.  

We gathered around at her soon to be sister's house and it was the perfect space for all things wedding morning beauty.  The windows were plenty and beamed with sunshine, there was plenty of room for everyone to lounge on the couches and snack away as they woke together.

Stacie Spears, of Pearls and a Black Dress, arrived and started working away.  Creating inspired looks on the bridesmaids and finally the bride with such grace and professionalism is her strength.  Stacie is a lot of fun and is best described as a girl's girl.  The ladies liked her and we work well together.  Stacie can be found at the Salon Lofts in Clintonville and it is definitely worth the trip.

The morning went by very quickly and the ladies were ready for the wedding.  

Jorgensen Farms, quite a lovely destination on the border of New Albany and Westerville.  Here is a small excerpt from their website: "Jorgensen Farms is a 65 acre farm located in Plain Township (Franklin County), between Westerville and New Albany, Ohio. The farm has been continuously certified organic since 2002.To protect the environment, including Rocky Fork Creek, which flows through the farm, an organic farming plan is followed. This system protects and improves plant and animal life, soil fertility, water quality and wildlife habitat....."  They are quite a popular venue for weddings and special events of all kinds in the Columbus area.  I can say that the land and space available is quite remarkable and unparalleled.

The ceremony and reception were both held at Jorgensen Farm and were both brilliantly ravishing, impressively sensational and spectacular beyond imagination.

Jennifer Drew of Something to Remember Event Planning rocked this wedding with grace and perfection.  This Columbus, Ohio event planning company strives to provide full service wedding planning, corporate event planning, as well as special event planning of all sorts.  Whether your agenda involves time management, complete coordination, budget management, logistics expertise, on-site execution of any special event, day-of or weekend coordination of wedding activities, Jennifer is definitely your go-to pro.  With perfected skills and an eye for detail not to be overlooked, Jennifer sets herself apart.  Offering the best of planning services is only the beginning.  Jennifer and Something to Remember (STR) Events is an award winning service that deserves consideration.

Prodigy Cinema captured a most amazing film story.  Prodigy is an outstanding, sought-after, Columbus favorite for video/cinema/film story.  Brides rave over their finished product.  If there was a keepsake that is without regret and will be swooned over for a lifetime, this is absolutely it!  Nathan of Prodigy comes in and falls into the background capturing the precious, memorable, and not to be overlooked moments.  You must check them out.

This family affair had Michigan detail and Columbus flair.  Tory's garter was Michigan colors.  Blushing pinks and varying shades of blush and purple looking dazzling in the country chic surroundings.

The couple's first look (before the ceremony) stole hearts away.  This is one of my favorite aspects of the wedding day.  That personal time, when the room is quiet, and the couple is alone is sweet and priceless.  Getting to take in the moment where you are preparing to come together in a magical way is unlike any other.  You can never get that time back.  Seeing his face as he looks upon his beautiful bride and the bride's face as she looks into her groom's eyes on a most special and important day...Love It!  So romantic!  They clearly nailed it and stole everyone's hearts away.

Much fun was had, many memories made and most of all, their happily ever after started off PERFECT!

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