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Splendid Wedding Day for Beth, All the Right Things Came Together to Create Magic!

Beth Ramer, a former IU (Indiana University) student, and now future Mrs. Beth Kawalec has prepared for her wedding day with great care.  The events of the day began at the Westin on South High St. in downtown Columbus.  It was a day long awaited!

The Westin Columbus, Ohio is a historic hotel with lots of character.  "Ideally situated in the heart of the Downtown Columbus business district, our historic Columbus hotel is within walking distance of the Greater Columbus Convention Center, and the finest things to do in Columbus, including the State Capitol, Nationwide Arena, the Arena District, the Brewery District, German Village, Ohio's Center of Science & Industry, and the Short North Area."  (as so eloquently stated on their website).  The Westin is a very popular wedding day venue.  They feature beautiful bridal suites with room to stretch out and prepare.

Beth had come in for her hair trial on Tueday, September 1st.  She had some inspiration and was fairly laid back about what she wanted.  We created a most divine curly do for her short locks.  It was the perfect style for her hair and we were set.  We took pictures of all sides and saved them for the wedding day.

When the wedding day arrived we pulled out the pictures and Beth wanted to go forward with the same look and we were set to recreate the beautifully curled, full of volume, wedding day bridal style with one side pulled back.  The one side pulled back added a classic appeal and offered a landing place for a glam hair piece.  The hair piece was jeweled and beaded and fit perfectly.

The room was full of energy as the photographer and videographer worked to capture every moment.  They were so good at working in the background, sneaking in and out, as well as, being the right place at the right time always.

The bridesmaids had a variety of inspirations for their wedding day hairstyles.  Some were inspired by updos while others had other things in mind, such as a side half up style.  All were gorgeous and each style fit the bridesmaids perfectly.

The videographer was a family friend who had done the video for a previous GoodeHair bride, Dana Russell. Backstory: I met Dana through Melissa Roshan.  One day, a couple years ago, Melissa called me to ask a very important favor.  She said that a bride and bridesmaids had gotten their hair done by someone who came to their hotel.  However, it didn't stay at all and had actually fallen out completely before she even got her dress on.  Melissa asked me if I would be able to stop by and help the bride.  I just happened to be in the exact hotel they were all in!  Craziest thing!  I had just finished my bridal party and was able to go directly up and help this bride in distress.  We created and perfected a beautiful style for her and a couple of her bridesmaids and they were off for their amazing wedding day.

Back to Beth's wedding day: Beth had seen Dana's video from her previous wedding and wanted the same videographer.  So, he happily abliged and was able to make himself available for Beth.  Pretty fun story.

The Ohio State Buckeyes game was on in the background.  The Bucks were playing their sixth game of the season versus the Maryland Terrapins.  The OSU Buckeyes ended up blowing it out of the water, however, we were sure to sneak a peak every once in a while on the tv.

Makeup services were provided by the lovely Melissa Roshan.

The celebration took place at the High Line Car House, High Street, Columbus, OHio.  Quick story about High Line Car House:

"A STORIED PAST High Line Car House was built in 1873 as a car house and horse barn for Columbus’ streetcar system. Even when the last horse car line was electrified in 1892, the streetcar company still had use for horses. They were used for pulling construction wagons and, as the photo shows, pulling line wagons. The line wagons were needed to work on the overhead trolley wire. Columbus' High Street streetcar line operated until 1947 when it was converted into a diesel trolley bus line - a precursor to today's COTA bus transit system. The name High Line Car House pays homage to Columbus' streetcar system and the important High Street line."

A couple days before the wedding the ladies got manicures and pedicures at Posh! Nail Company in Dublin.  Nothing like chilling out and hanging with the girls before the big day arrives.

Many references were made to "Movember" .  If you are not familiar with the Movember Foundation, here is the information.  References made about facial hair, moustaches are a great way to bring awareness.

"The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. Since 2003, millions have joined the men’s health movement, raising $650 million and funding over 1,000 programs focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity."  You can find more information here:

Congratulations Beth!  It was a great pleasure meeting you, getting to know you and being a part of one of the best days of your life.  Cheers to years of great happiness!

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