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Sending Money Safely and Efficiently

Did you know you have several options for sending money safely and efficiently?

Sending money safely is crucial these days.  There are several options for paying deposits and balances online.  

1.  Google Wallet

You can send money from your checking account fee free via email.  If you currently have a gmail account, you will notice at the bottom of a composed email, you can click on a $ sign.  That $ sign serves as a link to send and receive money.  

The screen that pops up asks for a few questions and you are good as gold.  Easy Breezy!

Gotta love that for knocking things off the to-do list.

2.  Square

Square seems to be a pretty popular way of paying deposits and balances.  You can use the square site or square cash app on your iphone.  Both are quick, easy and accepted by most vendors.

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