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Rachel Left a Beautiful Review. Thank you, Rachel! | Athletic Club of Columbus Wedding Venue

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Rachel Coldwell's Review of GoodeHair - Shannon Goode's Wedding Hair Services.

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Jul 14, 2016

"Shannon did an AMAZING job for my 3/18/16 formal Friday night wedding at The Athletic Club. She not only knocked it out of the ballpark on my hair, but also 3 of my bridesmaid's hair, and 2 flower girl's hair. She was patient and warm but at the same time professional, keeping everything running smoothly. What made her talent even that much more AMAZING was that I pretty much had no clue as to what I wanted for anyone's hair (which is very unusual since I am a very detailed and visual person). The bridesmaid's hair looked better than I could ever have imagined! So classy and feminine. As for the flower girls I basically said "good luck" because I thought for sure their thin hair wouldn't do anything. However, being the ultimate pro with lots of experience. She pulled their hair back (that way the curls could not fall out or hair lose its style). Brilliant idea! Plus then they wouldn't mess with it! I never would have thought I putting their hair back! Lastly, my own hair. She had done my hair previously for a boudoir session and I was obsessed with it there. I just wanted more fullness so I bought hair extensions. I asked Shannon about them ahead of time and she was more than willing to use them if that is what I wanted! I will be the first to admit when I first saw my hair I kind of was shocked. It was not exactly what I had imagined. It was very old school (think Jackie Kennedy with a little more curl), poofy, and formal. HOWEVER, after about an hour it loosened up and it was PERFECTION for pictures and for the actual ceremony and reception. I see so many brides that look great for the ceremony, but by the middle of the reception their hair looks messy or has lost all of its style. NOT MINE. My hair looked like perfection when my immediate family and my new husband took a photo in front of our "pink carpet" at 12:15am after the reception had ENDED! I looked like I was ready to get married again! I just needed to TRUST that Shannon is the professional and she knew 100% what she was doing. I also need to say, that when I was concerned with my first impression of my hair, Shannon did not get upset or take it personally. She eagerly tried to adjust it so that it would calm my worries that I didn't look like myself. Shannon truly cares about her brides and wants them to feel and look their best on their big day! I also know that all of my bridesmaids LOVED their hair and didn't feel like "bridesmaids". They felt like they were dressed up going to a fancy gala! The hairstyle that Shannon picked for them to have looked PERFECT with their formal navy sweetheart neckline (with beaded cap sleeves) gowns. Shannon has done my hair on two occasions and had blown me away each time! She will be the first one I call (or refer) for the next big event I need my hair done! Thanks Shannon!"

Rachel, thank you so much! The review you left is very special. It was a pleasure being a part of your wedding day. Your friends and family were so sweet and fun! I've enjoyed seeing your pictures.  Many years of great happiness to you and the love of your life!

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