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Motivate, Inspire, Create! Podcast Features Emilie Duncan of Emilie Duncan Event Planning

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Motivate, Inspire, Create! Podcast with Shannon Goode

features Emilie Duncan of Emilie Duncan Event Planning

Emilie Duncan of Emilie Duncan Event Planning (Columbus, Ohio) is an event planner at the top of her game.  With many years of experience, she provides an intimate, detail oriented and seamless event plan for couples on their wedding day.  I can say from experience that Emilie’s clients absolutely love her!  

This Michigan State University graduate is a force to be reckoned with.  Her passion for others is quite inspiring and has always moved me personally.  She is a giver, a doer and always there to be of help in many situations.  One way this trait shines brightly is through her relationships with other event planners in the industry.  Community before competition is a value that just begins to scratch the surface of her successful journey.  Connection to others is very important to Emilie.  Taking that one step further, Emilie is really good at knowing when a bride fits her style and even knowing when couples may be happier with another planner.  She has formed great relationships with other planners and can just about identify which planner would be a good fit for couples who may not be the best fit for her services and style.

Emilie’s strength is to bring in her clients and make them feel like family.  She is fully invested in making the details as seamless as possible.  In order to do this in a very personal way for each of her couples, she makes sure to get to know them personally and they become like family.

One of the ways Emilie gives is with “Cakes for a Cause”.  It is a beautiful charity event that Emilie helps plan alongside of Kasey Conyers from Bliss Wedding and Event Design.  Cakes for a Cause helps to benefit the Mid Ohio Food Bank.

Having a server’s heart is very important to Emilie and it definitely shows.

Grab your tissues because Emilie tells a gripping story.  When she talks about her inspiration being her mother, it just brings on the tears and fans the flame of motivation in a crazy good way.  Emilie’s relationship with her mother is beyond admirable.  The sacrifices made were held dear and then used as an amazing encouragement.

The twists and turns include having to work around her husband’s travel schedule.  Moving around the country wasn’t the best for starting her business but gave her the want to to make it happen.  Not always understanding her limitations was quite possibly a hidden blessing.

While Emilie doesn’t necessarily organize destination weddings, her clients are often from out of town.  She warmly refers to these couples as “Displaced Buckeyes”.  They often have families here and are planning to host their event in Columbus for that reason.  So, Emilie is a pro at organizing and planning weddings for couples living all across the United States and even had a bride deployed in Afghanistan.

Some of her favorite ways of de-stressing are to read, hammock in the back yard, movies and tv.  Some favorite binge watching like “Pretty Little Liars”, “Jane the Virgin”, “My Crazy Ex Girlfriend” and so much more.

Enjoy Emilie’s episode as we shine the light on her journey and successful venture!

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