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Midwest Beauty Summit : October 29, 2018

Coming to Columbus, Ohio October 29, 2018

GoodeHair Presents Midwest Beauty Summit with Shannon Goode

The purpose of the Midwest Beauty Summit is to connect, educate, inspire and empower beauty professionals to provide clients with an experience to remember. We will meet our mission by providing workshops that teach practical solution-oriented skills and techniques while fostering connection among industry peers. Lead by industry trail blazer Shannon Goode, the first ever Midwest Beauty Summit is guaranteed to be an event unlike any other. With over 20 years’ experience as a hair styling specialist, Shannon has worked to provide clients with an unmatched experience that is stress-free and one they will never forget.

Now, for the first time ever, Shannon and her team are sharing their secrets with the beauty industry. Shannon’s mission is to first and foremost provide every client with a personalized beauty experience that makes them feel like they are everything they dreamed they could be. Secondly, Shannon believes this is only possible when the beauty professional community can come together with a united vision to provide these unmatched experiences.

At the Midwest Beauty Summit, you will be part of this vision. Shannon, along with her elite team of beauty educators, will provide workshops covering practical techniques and skills that you can put into action when you walk out the door. Additionally, Shannon and these successful business women will share insider tips for how they grew their businesses. Programming may include (and not limited to):

1. Hair: How to create fantasy braids for any hair type 2. Hair: How to not be an Updo Pinterest FAIL 3. Hair: Pros/Cons of Hair Extensions 4. Makeup: Airbrush techniques 101 5. Makeup: Pros/Cons of Dramatic looks vs. Natural looks 6. Makeup: Working with different eye shapes 7. Business: The Dos and Don’ts of contracts and communications 8. Business: Branding 101 Please Note: These workshop titles are not final and could change. Join us on Monday, October 29, 2018 for the one-day event that cannot be missed if you are in the beauty industry. Purchase your tickets now. Ticket prices will increase on October 1, 2018

Included in your ticket price will be an awesome goodie bag full of lots of products!!

Read up on our trainers via social media and websites:

Shannon Goode:  Instagram: @shannongoode.goodehair   YouTube

Haley Garber: Instagram: @beautybyHaleyGarber  :  Youtube

Angela Culver:    Instagram: @angelareneeculver

Joy Macke:   Instagram: @stateofface

Madolyn Worrall:   Instagram: @mmcreative_studios

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