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Mid-October, Autumn at the Scioto Reserve Country Club - "A Bride and Her, (I mean His) Shoes"

October 17th came very quickly this year.  Summer flew by and before we knew it October was upon us.  It was time to prepare for Heather's autumn wedding at Scioto Reserve Country Club in Powell, Ohio.  With a 1pm finish time and 7 (seven) hairstyles to complete perfectly, we decided to start at 9:30a.  A beautiful bride, flowergirl and her 5 bridesmaids were awaiting the glamour squad for amazing wedding day hair.

Mornings at Scioto Reserve are always beautiful.  The day was quite chilly, however, whats not to love about the scenery at such a beautiful venue.  The country club offers quite the set up for wedding parties.  The groom's suite offers a big screen tv, pool table and plenty of room to stretch out and prepare for a big day ahead.  The bridal suite on the other hand offers everything you can dream of wanting for a wedding day morning full of hair, makeup, mimosas, food and who knows what else.  The bridal suite features a wall of beautiful lockers labeled appropriately with "Bride", "Bridesmaids...", Plenty of mirrors of all sorts, everything needed or wanted including couches and amenities.

Heather and her bridesmaids were at the country club awaiting my arrival as I walked through and entered the suite.  As I unpacked and prepared my hot rollers, curling irons, hairsprays, etc... the girls were scurrying around getting ready for glam.

The day started with getting the girls in rollers at the very beginning.  Setting the base for the modern, elegant styles is crucial.  This also offers plenty of time for them to cool and set.  

Not long after the curls began, the girls brought in a bottle of Fireball with a GoPro Camera attached.  It was clear that things were about to get fun and exciting quickly.  The instructions were to pass the bottle around and take a drink, making sure the camera was capturing every moment.  Very fun idea!  The party passed it around (possibly a couple times) and then it made its way to the boys.  ha!  Good times!

Before we knew it, a present from the groom came for the lovely Heather to open.  She looked at the box and guessed almost immediately what she thought it was.  She opened the gift in great anticipation.  The gift from the groom was a cool pair of (I believe) Adidas shoes.  Heather then explained that the groom has always loved these shoes and had bought them for all of his groomsmen.  The groom and groomsmen all had the black pair with white accents.  The groom had bought the white pair with black accents for the bride, Heather.  They were very cool.  Heather decided it would be sweet to switch from her super cute ceremony shoes to the Addidas for the reception.  Personally, I loved the idea.  It was so personal and thoughtful.

The bridesmaids decided to wear their hair in a low updo to add to the bride's down do.  Heather, the bride, wanted her hair to be curly.  She was afraid the curls wouldn't last since the weather was questionable and it doesn't normally hold well.  So, she suggested we curl it tighter so that if it fell out, it would stil be curly.  So, that is exactly what we did and it worked beautifully.  Looks like her curls held really well.  She said she would rather it be really curly rather than not curly.  This girl knew what she wanted and it worked out well.

The bridesmaids all had great hair.  It went up beautifully and had great volume and curls.

Beautiful weddings start with GoodeHair's Shannon Goode, traveling hair stylist of Columbus, Ohio and surrounding area.

Cheers to many happy years, Heather!!!

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