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"Let Your Stylist Take the Wheel: The Unspoken Truth About Wedding Hair and Makeup Timing"

"Let Your Stylist Take the Wheel: The Unspoken Truth About Wedding Hair and Makeup Timing"

photo credit: Emma Dee Photography

Picture this: Your big day is finally here, the day you've been dreaming about for years. You've meticulously planned every detail, from the flowers to the cake, and it's all coming together perfectly. But when it comes to your hair and makeup, should you let anyone other than your beauty experts dictate your service timing or arrival time? The short answer is: No way! Your wedding planner may mean well, but when it comes to the art of hairstyling and makeup application, the only people who know the exact timing are your stylist and makeup artist. Here's why you should trust the pros to handle your locks and your look on your special day.

1. Hair and Makeup Are an Art, Not a Science

Styling hair and applying makeup is more of an art than a science. Every face and head of hair is unique, and there are numerous variables that can affect the time it takes to achieve your desired look. Your stylist and makeup artist know your features and hair better than anyone else. They understand its quirks, texture, and how it responds to various products and tools. Trying to predict exactly how long it will take is like trying to predict the weather – it's tricky, and even the experts can get it wrong sometimes.

2. Unforeseen Circumstances Happen

On your wedding day, unexpected hiccups can and do occur. Whether it's a sudden weather change, a vendor delay, or a family member needing some extra attention, there are many variables that can throw your timeline off course. By letting your stylist and makeup artist manage the timing, you can adapt to any unforeseen circumstances without stress.

3. Your Beauty Team Are Time Wizards

Okay, so maybe not actual wizards, but experienced hairstylists and makeup artists possess an almost magical ability to transform your hair and face into a work of art in seemingly no time at all. They've trained for years to master their craft and are well-versed in efficient beauty techniques. They've seen it all and can work their magic under pressure.

4. Trust the Trials

You've likely had several trials with your stylist and makeup artist leading up to your wedding day, experimenting with different styles and looks. These trials are a crucial part of the process, not just for nailing your perfect look but also for estimating how much time it will take on the actual day. Trust the insights and experience gained during these trials – they are invaluable when it comes to setting the right schedule.

5. Stress Less, Enjoy More

Weddings can be stressful enough without the added pressure of sticking to a strict schedule, especially when it comes to something as important as your hair and makeup. By leaving the timing in the hands of your stylist and makeup artist, you can relax and enjoy the morning without the constant worry of being late for the ceremony.

In the end, your wedding planner is undoubtedly a key player in the success of your big day, but when it comes to hairstyling and makeup application, leave it to the professionals. Trust your stylist and makeup artist's expertise and let them manage the timing to ensure you look and feel your absolute best on your special day.

So, if your wedding planner insists on dictating your hair and makeup service timing, kindly remind them that when it comes to your beauty transformation, your beauty team are the timekeepers, the artists, and the experts. With the right team behind you, your wedding hair and makeup will be perfect, and you'll have one less thing to worry about on your unforgettable day.

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