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Josh Staley Productions : The Best Wedding DJ's in Columbus, Ohio for 3 Years in a Row!

Josh Staley Productions is a staple in the Columbus, Ohio wedding scene.

The DJ service is founded by the one and only Josh Staley.

I don't know how to say it better, so here is a little blurb from Josh Staley's website:

" That elusive quality everyone searches for, but they rarely find. Excellence is the ability to bring something as close to perfection as it can possibly be. Excellence takes something common and makes it unforgettable. It is what we train for, what we lose sleep for, what we work so hard to grasp… knowing full-well it can slip through our fingers if we lose focus for a moment. Josh Staley Productions brings a whole new meaning to “event entertainment.” We took it back to the drawing board, flipped it on its head, and made it relevant, engaging, & all together excellent again. From our award-winning team to our revolutionary approach, you can rest assured that you have found the excellence you are looking for.

We are not like the others.

We are Josh Staley Productions, Entertainment specialists based in Columbus, OH but available for events all over the world."

Well said!!! And I totally agree.

Here is a little excerpt from the website that will tell you a bit more about Josh.

"Josh Staley is a worshiper of Jesus Christ, Husband, Father, DJ, Music Producer, MC, Live Sound Technician, Guitarist, and All Around Creative Soul.

Josh is a highly experienced DJ, Beat Mixologist, and Entertainer. He brings his all to every event he performs. Josh founded JSP after a terrible experience with his own wedding DJ when he married his beautiful wife Michelle. He believes everyone deserves the absolute best on their wedding day, and Josh Staley Productions was founded to accomplish this vision.

  • Globe Traveling DJ

  • Visionary

  • 100+ 5 star reviews

  • Looking For Epic Couples

Currently serving all of Ohio and the world."

The phenomenal experience you become a part of, at your wedding reception or event, becomes a memory that lasts a lifetime for you and your guests.

photo credit: Michelle Joy

photo credit: Michelle Joy

photo credit: Michelle Joy

photo credit: Michelle Joy

photo credit: Starling Studio

photo credit: Michelle Joy

photo credit: Starling Studio

photo credit: Starling Studio

photo credit: Starling Studio

The team also includes all of the following associate DJ's with a little description so that you can get to know each person.


Jomar is passionate about weddings and loves seeing two people become a new family. He graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene University with a degree in video and radio broadcasting, and began DJ'ing his senior year of high school due to his love for music and seeing others enjoy it as well. He continued on into college where he rocked many campus life events.

Jomar also worked at WNZR as the promotions director and an on-air personality. His favorite genre of music is EDM, but he is fluent in many different musical styles. Jomar DJs to bring people together, create unforgettable moments, and most importantly to elevate every event to the highest possible level.

  • Loves Soccer, Cycling, Lifting, and Traveling.

  • Minimal Talking, Maximum Music

  • Authentic, Intentional, Anti-Cheese

  • Always Dropping the Perfect Next Track


Brad McPherson is a Follower of Jesus Christ, Wedding DJ, MC, Production Coordinator, Drummer, and brings his passion for creativity to everything he does.

Brad is an incredible DJ and Master of Ceremonies. His winning personality combined with his unmatched music knowledge make him the ultimate addition to any celebration. Brad has been with Josh Staley Productions since the company was founded and has developed into a highly skilled Professional DJ and MC. His personal music of choice is Rock (and the many sub-genres!), Progressive Music, Metal, Folk and the occasional Katy Perry, but on your wedding day you will suddenly find that he has become an expert on your favorite artists. He is married to his beautiful wife Lauren, and can't wait to bring his immense experience to your wedding day!

  • One Of The Original JSP DJ’s

  • Ultimate Playlist Expert

  • Everyone’s Best Friend

  • Stress- Free Rockstar


  • Bilingual

  • Engaging

  • Energy For Days

Drea is a Christ follower, wife, world traveler, and a music loving extrovert.

Drea’s goal is to keep you singing and dancing on the dance floor, and help you create memories with the most treasured people in your life, so that when you listen to those songs on your playlist or on the radio: you’re thrown back to the dance floor of your unforgettable wedding day.

Outside of the music scene, Drea loves to indoor rock climb, drink all of the coffee, and play games with friends (whether strategic or just for fun).


Vince is a servant of Jesus Christ, Husband, DJ, Event Host, Drummer and lover of all things vinyl.

Vince’s love for music and entertainment began early in life, growing up in a family of musicians. Logically, Vince followed in his family’s footsteps and started playing drums. After 15 years as a musician and performer, creating amazing experiences, mixing music and hosting events came naturally. Through his experience as a performer, Vince has the ability to bring people together and help create memories that will last a lifetime!

Vince’s interests in music ranges from the hight of EDM in 2015 to artists like ODESZA, Kanye, Akon, Fallout Boy, Harry Styles and pretty much anything Top 40.

Vince’s goal is to create unforgettable experiences by

🎧 - Setting the perfect soundtrack

🙌 - Understanding your vision

🎉 - Keeping your guests on the dance floor ALL night.

During his free time, Vince enjoys drinking good coffee ☕️, fashion, spending time with his friends and family, working out 💪🏼, and dominating at Settlers of Catan.


Zach Williams is a DJ and Bartender within the Columbus area for the last five years. Since graduating from Ohio University in 2014, Zach has worked in various customer service roles and has designed his passions around entertainment and creating memorable experience with others.

Zach’s music stardom began at a young age playing the drums and guitar for his fathers worship team and continued his love for music by way of DJ’ing in Clubs, and private events. His favorite music style is EDM however has developed unique playing styles across multiple genres in order to take his clients preferred style to the next level.

Zach’s way of playing music and connecting with others through music is his primary passion. He believes the power of customer service and the ability to connect with others by way of music is more powerful than anything in the world. He is excited to be apart of the Josh Staley Production team and creating the perfect ambience for your future wedding or private event.


Tyler is a follower of Jesus Christ, husband, father, classical musician, and loves bringing people together with music. Tyler has a knack for engaging and energizing whatever event or wedding he is leading and is a fanatic when it comes to planning and details. Tyler excels at providing individual attention to each of his clients, crafting the perfect playlist, and bringing your best day ever to life. Tyler’s hobbies include obsessing over great music, custom woodworking, computer programming, Magic the Gathering, and spending time with his amazing wife and daughter, Morgan and Charlie Mae. Tyler is excited to meet with you and help you begin to lay out the wedding your guests will be talking about for years to come!


DJ Brian Daze is THE DJ for THE Ohio State Buckeyes, Columbus Blue Jackets, Columbus Clippers, Columbus Crew, Hollywood Casino, Cap City Marathon, Nationwide Children's Marathon, Ohio State 4-Miler, and is your soundtrack to many other major events in Central Ohio. Brian is experienced, passionate, & unforgettable.

While DJ Brian Daze performs in front of groups of thousands on a regular basis, he also loves performing for weddings, corporate events, and private events.


Josh is a follower of Jesus Christ, Husband, Father, DJ, MC, and your favorite dance floor hype man. Because of Josh’s ability to genuinely connect with others, he has a special way of bringing your vision into focus and helping you feel stress-free in the planning process.

With his engaging personality, Josh will keep your guests engaged with interactive MC’ing and a killer dance floor set. At the end of the night, your friends and family will be raving about your celebration for years to come!

• Loves every aspect of your wedding day

• Will never back down from a challenge

• Geek by day… dance floor connoisseur by night

Josh’s hobbies include backpacking/camping, playing board games, listening to vinyl, and creating awesome YouTube content.


Alex is incredibly blessed to be able to turn his talent into a full-time career. He prides himself on being responsive and versatile. He understands that no event is the same and he absolutely loves to work with his clients to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Musically, He’s been a DJ for twenty-plus years. He has played at some of the most respected clubs in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Omaha, New York, and beyond. That club presence has led to opportunities where he has performed at thousands of weddings, private functions, and corporate events for companies like Accuweather, Nike, American Eagle Outfitters, Red Bull & Oakley, just to name a few.

When he isn’t working with his clients and team, He is an extremely proud dad, an almost married boyfriend, a podcast host, a lover of really good tequilas and bourbons, a weightlifting enthusiast, and a reluctant Peloton rider, I’m also a HUGE pro-wrestling fan (please don’t judge ).

As you can see, the team is loaded! You have options for days!!

We highly recommend heading over to their website to learn even more!

Check them out! You will love them!!

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