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"How To" Lesson/Workshop for Makeup Artist - October 2015 - Pros Know!

Jenny Feheley of "JLF Makeup" is a fantastic Columbus, Ohio makeup artist.  She rocks out weddings, photo shoots, boudoir shoot glamour and much more.  In October, Jenny contacted me for a "How To" Lesson/Workshop to learn how to sharpen her hair styling skills for boudoir photo shoot beauty.  Jenny does makeup and hair styling for a Columbus Photographer.

We asked a dear friend, Joy Macke, to be a hair model.  Joy has fantastic hair and was perfect for the lesson.  

Jenny's Lesson looked like this:

First, we talked a little about the tools and products she likes to use.

Next, I gave her recommendations on products and tools to eventually add to her collection. 

We then went right into styling.  We worked on several different types of curls.  The first was a pinned curl, sliding it off the curling iron and pinning it to cool.  The second was an unpinned curl spun toward the back.  The third was a curling wand curl.  We finished the style out, unpinned all curls, and worked on finishing methods.

We then focused on the bangs and techniques to make them lay correctly in a soft swept type look.

The finished product was gorgeous.

The class - lesson - workshop lasted about an hour.

Jenny was able to ask questions and have hands on, one on one help.

The class was a great success.

She then said she would like to schedule another class to learn how to use hot rollers and a few other things.  

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