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GoodeHair's Hair Extensions are Amazing!

DreamCatchers Luxury Semi Permanent Hair Extensions are Seriously Amazing.  

After years of research, coming across DreamCatchers hair extensions has been an answer to a lot of questions.  The 100% human hair extensions are luxuriously beautiful in every way.  The world's best hair extensions are available at GoodeHair's new studio in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Come in for your consultation and installation and walk out with a confidence and glam that catches eyes!

Quality hair extensions are everything.  Your hair is one thing you look at daily...multiple times daily.  Choosing a qualified professional to help you achieve a timeless and effortless look is step one to looking and feeling like the best you.

The DreamCatchers hair extensions are no ordinary hair extensions.  Because they are made of the finest European hair, they can be heat styled as you would your natural hair.  You can style and color this hair to achieve the look you dream of.  (Coloring the hair must be done by a certified and licensed professional.)  Transform the appearance of fine, lifeless or short hair into thick, long, beautiful looking hair.

Are you inspired by a celebrity or your best friend?  

Do you want hair that flows and styles like a beautiful model on the cover of your

favorite magazine?  

This is the way you can have that hair.

The hair itself, when maintained correctly, can last up to two years.  Coming in for regular appointments to keep your extensions in good condition will ensure a long life for your hair.

The hair extensions are installed using beads that hold the hair in place securely.  The beads match your natural color so that they blend beautifully.

 Hair extensions are all the rage.  

Your options are endless and can fit within any budget.  

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