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From Kansas to Columbus - Brigid Brought Style and Grace to her Positively Admirable June Wedding We

Brigid's wedding planning was in full swing by December 2014 for her June 27, 2015 celebration weekend.  She booked hair styling services with me in December and was ready for a hair trial by January.  January is a great time for hair trials and consultations.  It is a slower time of year and is an exciting appointment to help break up the cabin fever.

Her first hair trial went well.  We worked with some pictures and created a beautiful look that would be perfectly wedding day ready.  A little bit of time passed between her first trial and the wedding day, when Brigid scheduled a second hair trial to fine tune a few things and to solify the details of her wedding day look.  We were sure we hit the nail on the head with the second trial.  We were solid and fully prepared for wedding day beauty perfected.

Brigid was a lot of fun.  Her ~million dollar~ smile is enough to light up a room.  Brigid is lighthearted and sure to be a lively party everywhere she goes.  I love working with people who are so happy and make sure to laugh at themselves.  It is quite contagious and a great reminder to enjoy every moment.

credit:  Amazing work by Nicole Dixon Photography 

 Brigid's friends and family were just as fun.  Arriving at her grandmother's home, in Upper Arlington, on the wedding day, Saturday, June 27, 2015, Brigid and her girls were waking and preparing for a fun morning of beauty, breakfast and celebration.  The rollers and curling irons were heating up and the smell of breakfast filled the air.  

Also a part of the wedding day beauty team was Angela Culver of ARC Artistry, makeup services.  Always fun to work with talent.  She would perfect the already gorgeous faces while I worked away on styling hair.  It works so well to tag team and switch off.  A lot of times I will set the girls in rollers, then, the makeup artist does their makeup.  This allows for time for the rollers to cool and also helps to get the hair out of the face for the artist to work her magic.

The girls were all wrapped up in their cozy, yet very pretty floral robes.  The robes were perfect for getting into the spirit and also for allowing for an easy change into their gowns without messing up their hair or makeup.  Finishing up the hairstyling, everyone with different hair styles.  Brigid's hair was up, smooth, elegant and most of all simply divine.  Her bangs sweeping to the side, framing her dazzling face and brilliant smile.  The back was swept up into a smooth yet full chignon.  The style was topped off with a jeweled headband that brought everything together beautifully.  

The bridesmaids wore their hair in updos fitting their own length, texture and fullness, as well as, half up and all down hairstyles.  Everyone looks inspiring and impressively delightful!

As the day moved along, the girls slid into their gowns.  

Brigid's gown was most elegant and form fitting.  She looked smashing!  The gown fit her perfectly becoming one with her body.  Gorgeousness!!!

With a finish time of 12:30p, the wedding party was out the door and ready for the events of the day to begin.

To many happy, successful and adventurous years!  Wishing you both many blissful and amazing years together!  Congratulations!!!

Thank you for the honor of being a part of your day! 

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