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Columbus Ohio's Best Salon / Hair Stylist? 5 tips to finding your favorite salon and hairstylist. Pr

5 Tips to Finding Your Favorite Salon and Hair Stylist

Finding the best salon and hairstylist can be a challenge.  Knowing where to start looking to find the stylist that fits your needs is key.  Every city in America seems to have a salon on every corner. Here are a 5 tips to finding the hairstylist who fits you like a glove.

1.  Ask for a referral.

Have you ever been out and about when you have seen someone that caught your eye?  Don't be afraid to ask them where they get their hair done.  That can be the best way to find a very talented stylist.  A good stylist can create a style that will look good even on a bad day.  Seeing someone with a rockin' hair style is a pretty good bet that they visit a skilled pro regularly.  Ask!  This is also a compliment that goes a long way.  You might just make someone's day.

2.  Look at reviews.

Searching for reviews is a great way of finding out about a salon and hair stylist's reputation.  Reviews are usually written by an uninfluenced experience.  Most people write reviews based on the experience they had with the salon or stylist.  If they had a bad experience, you can be sure they will write about it.  Many times people also like to write raving reviews they have had if the situation calls for it.

3.  Visit several stylists for a low key appointment.

Set up several apppointments with different stylists. The appointments can be for something very low key, like a shampoo and blow out.  This type of appointment will allow you to get a feel for the salon / stylist without commitment.  Do you like their style?  Do you like the feel of the salon?  Are they sanitary?  Are they experienced in all the right areas?  Ask questions.  Did they value your time? Compare the different stylists and experiences.  Which one fits you best?  

4.  Personality matters.  

There is no way around it.  Personality matters.  If you are going to let someone work with your hair, you most likely will want to like them as a person.  Feeling like you can talk with your stylist is important.  Trust is something that is built through relationship.  How many people do you allow to touch you as a person or to touch your hair?  Not many, in most cases.  That is one of the reasons why stylists build close relationships with their clients.  Being in such a close atmosphere allows for relationships to form.  Why not find someone you really click with?!

5.  Skill and Education may be the most important factor.

Skill and education are absolutely key.  Leaving your hair appointments with confidence in the style and stylist is priceless.  Knowing your hair will look good and be as low maintenance as possible is worth so much.  Building value in your appointment and receiving the best possible outcome is worth doing a little research.  Education and staying on top of trends is the basis for a good, forward thinking hair stylist.

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