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Columbus Bride and The Best Night Ever at the Ivory Room. Dashing Details - Swanky Style - Fashionab

Ashley was a beautiful bride, loved by many and most ready for a lifetime of happiness with her soon to be husband.  

Christmas 2014 had come to an end and it was time to go full on planning mode for Ashley and Dom. Dom first contacted me in January 2015 looking for a hair stylist for his soon to be bride and her wedding party and their fast approaching wedding day.  Team work is the best way to take care of the important details.  It warmed my heart to see that Dom was helping with such personal details. ~too sweet~  The two were referred by Emilie Duncan of Emilie Duncan Event Planning - Columbus/Powell, Ohio.

Emilie would be a crucial part of bringing together the most important details of the dashing wedding day. The pricelessness is evident when bringing an event planner into your planning process.  The professionalism of knowing and predicting the unexpected is just the beginning of what you can look forward to.  Emilie brings a very friendly and welcoming aspect to her relationships with soon to be married couples and their families.  A great consideration for the meaningful specifics, fine points and vision are big things to think about when bringing someone onto your planning team.  Emilie and her team are all of these things and more.

It is no surprise that Ashley was surrounded by so many friends and family.  Her heart of gold shows in all she does.  Ashley is a team member at the OSUCCC - James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Being in the hair styling industry, I get the opportunity to meet such incredible people.  The honor is so great when I see that there are many people who are selfless in their giving and career choices.  Ashley is among a group of people who must get the opportunity to experience many great highs as well as great lows in her job.  Having the great fortune to be a part of such a highly anticipated day  and one of the most fun and exciting days of her life is one of the things that make me LOVE my job!  Hopefully she will experience as much joy and so much more in the people she gets to work with.

Ashley's hair trial took place in early May for her May 30th ceremony and celebration.  With inspirations in hand and a vision in mind, we settled on a enchantingly elegant updo.  The style would be full, with medium volume and light texture.  The bridal style was pulled back into a low updo featuring a big chignon type of barrel bun resting lightly on her neck.  Her glowing blonde hair with beautiful dimension was quite a delight to style both during her hair trial/consultation and on the wedding day.

Ashley, the lovely bride, would prepare for her wedding day with her six bridesmaids.  They would all plan to have their hair styled and perfected for the wedding day events in their Westin Columbus hotel room.  

The room was filled with lively enchantment, sweet anticipation and fun conversation when I arrived around 9a.  

Alison Feamster was working away, creating and enhancing beautiful faces.  Alison comes with a grace and dedication to her craft.  Attention to fine detail and helping to make a vision come to life comes naturally for Alison.  Alison is a freelance make up artist who specializes in makeup artistry of all sorts such as weddings/bridal, special occasions, lessons, photo shoot, tv and film.  A true leader in the beauty industry.

Working with great beauty professionals is the best.  

Most of the time it works great when I am able to get the girls up in hot rollers (to create a curl base for the style to come).  This allows for the hair to be back out of the face so that the makeup artists can work seamlessly without hassling around with hair.  Then, when the girls are finished with makeup, they come back over to me and I can finish their hair.  

In the hustle and bustle of the day, we were creating moments that would last forever in photos and memories of uncounted individuals.

Bridesmaids were being transformed.  With a finish time of 1p, we were moving efficiently and everything was coming together.  Their influences were fancied by Pinterest, as well as each others brainstorms. Their captivating, dazzling hair styles featured curls pulled to the side with lots of texture and updos with inspirations of chignons, barrel curls and more.

The ceremony took place at St Francis of Assisi - Buttles Ave, Columbus.  The venue for the celebration was The Ivory Room at Mironova Place, a Cameron Mitchell Premier Events site.  The Ivory Room is located on the sixth floor of the Mironova building in downtown Columbus, just outside of the German Village and Brewery district.  The venue features an "urban space with spectacular views of the city and the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers".  The most classy and swanky venue features  "oversized room with soaring window walls" and  "may be customized for a variety of creatively styled events, including wedding receptions, corporate meetings, cocktail receptions, bar/bat mitzvahs and galas."  My experience with the Ivory Room has been extraordinary.  They have always been highly welcoming and detail oriented.  One of a kind, out of this world, undeniably amazing choice of venues.

Short North's Piece of Cake (High Street, Columbus) is a highly sought after bakery.  They designed the timeless delectableness for the celebration.  There is no doubt that it was the best of the best.  These pieces of art are "custom designed in house to your exact specifications and made fresh with the finest ingredients."  Gotta love an unforgettably exceptional wedding cake! 

La Jeaune Mariee and LUXEredux Bridal - Worthington, Ohio can be credited for the remarkably illustrious and noteworthy charm of Ashley's marvelous gown.  A bride and her gown, there is nothing like the feeling that comes when that perfectly crafted dress slides down onto a glowing and excited bride.

An impressivly memorable video was captured by: Blue Tie Cinema

Bouquets of bountiful and flourishing blooms were artfully crafted by: Bloomtastic - Arlington Ave. Columbus

Transportation: Cardinal

DJ: Pete Downhour

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