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Beauty Summit Labs | Online Education for Beauty Pros & Students | Hair Styling | Makeup Artistry

Beauty Summit llc offers programs that help beauty pros and students learn new skills. Building a beauty business is multi-faceted. There are a lot of critical steps that, when done correctly, can help to build a solid foundation. Building this solid foundation can help to bring success quickly.

Prepare to dream big and believe bigger! This is where you are allowed and encouraged to dream big.

Believing bigger can help to manifest your dreams even faster.

Scribble down all the things you wish you could do… Jot down the things you are inspired by… Doodle the visions that only you know about… This is where big things happen!   Celebrate Your Huge Pie In The Sky Dreams! It’s going to be a lot of fun to look back at these goals in a year.  If you work hard and focus on making this happen, you will feel like a million bucks!

Do you have a sec..? Let me take a moment to let you in on something.  My name is Shannon Goode.  I am the founder of Goode Beauty LLC and Beauty Summit LLC.  I have been in the beauty industry for a little more than 20 years.  That path led me to some amazing character builders and most of all a “want-to” ambition to help others be crazy successful.  It is my passion to bring all of the best to you and make the path easier.  The love runs deep for other creative minds just wanting to be able to put food on the table for their families, as well as entrepreneurs wanting to work less and make more $$$.  I was put on this earth to help others and absolutely love what I do and have a blast doing it.   Building the business of your dreams is in your hands.  Only you can make this happen.  There is no time like now to get this started! Finding your niche is everything when it comes to setting yourself apart from competition in this dog-eat-dog world.  Setting yourself apart is exactly what you need to do! We are here to walk you through the steps to figure out what it is that sets you apart from your competition!   Why are most beauty artists struggling when they try to create a business that thrives???   We have the answers and it is easier than you think. Can you believe the more niche you go the more your clients will come running in the door??? It’s true.   Clients want to know that you are exactly what they are looking for.   If you are putting the message out there in a clear way, there will be no question that you will be turning away business in no time!

Working through the steps to :

1. Find Your Niche

2. Build Your Wedding Community

3. Set Up Email Correspondence

4. Build Your Wedding Community

5. Find Your Vision

6. Set Your Mission

7. Create Your Pricing Strategy

8. Know Your Expectations for Professional Appearance

9. Create Your Own Styled Shoot with Confidence

10. Look into Your Pie in the Sky Dreams and Make Them Happen

11. Pinpoint Your Demographic

and so much more...

Let's take your dream from a series of daydreams to an actual, successful, solid manifestation.   Let’s do this!

Beauty Summit llc | Education | Workshops | Courses | Hair Stylists | Makeup Artists | Students |
Build a beauty business with this easy step-by-step guide. When you work as a professional in the beauty industry, you have so many career options to consider. After cosmetologist training, you can work as a makeup artist, stylist, nail tech, esthetician, and as another beautician related creative. Building a successful creative business can help clients to know, like and trust you. Check out our state-approved CE course offerings for barbers, cosmetologists, nail technicians, and other beauty professionals. Beauty industry education for beauty professionals, beauty school students, beauty salon owners, salon loft owners, booth renters and more. Online Classes and in-person classes available for individuals, groups and salons. Beauty Summit was created to provide a platform of inspiration and knowledge for beauty creatives, beauty professionals and beauty students around the world. place where we celebrate the passion and talent of the artist and provide a community environment where we learn from each other about all things STYLING. We believe in creating a place where we push boundaries with, creative business building and beauty business building, and on what we think we can achieve by believing in ourselves and each other. It's all about community, education, inspiration and empowerment for women and men in the wedding and beauty industry. We must stand together to make a difference and to create a standard of support. It all starts with education and then develops with community, inspiration and empowerment. Women supporting women. Female owned business is powerful and can change the world.

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