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Angela Culver | ARC Artistry | Makeup Artist

Angela Culver is a makeup artist well known for her fun personality and crazy amazing talent.  She is warm and kind but most of all ahead of the game in the beauty industry.  Can't wait for you to meet her!


I am Angela Renee Culver, the owner and lead makeup artist of ARC Artistry.  I have been working in this industry for 15 years, in Bridal, e-commerce, photo and video shoots, print work, and fashion shows.    

WHAT I LIKE BEST: There are so many things I like about doing makeup for weddings.  Wedding days are filled with so much joy and happiness- who doesn't want to be a part of that?  There is also a certain amount of pressure, but creating a look that makes someone look and feel their best makes the reward that much sweeter.  

I love the progression of my relationship with the bride.  It usually starts off with emails back and forth.  By the time I meet her for a trial run, we feel like we know each other.  By the end of the trial run, we are friends and by the time I leave on the wedding day, we are family.  It sounds cheesy, I know, but I really do become attached to these girls.  

When I became a mom, I developed a soft spot for Mothers of the Bride and Mothers of the Groom.  I realized how important a wedding day is for the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom.  I also find many times that moms are nervous to have their makeup done.  They worry about looking overdone, fine lines, and doing anything other than what they do in their daily routine.  I find overcoming these concerns and creating a beautiful, age appropriate, put together look, so rewarding- almost as exciting as their reaction after they see their face.  

FUNNY STORY: A couple of years ago, we had new neighbors move in.  We happened to be having a cookout and when they were outside we introduced ourselves and welcomed them over.  They shared that they were engaged.  My mother in law chimed in and told her that I was a makeup artist if she needed one for her wedding!  I gave her a card and after checking out my website and reading reviews, she booked me for her wedding!  A few weeks later, I saw her outside and she shared that she had just come from the hair dresser where her stylist said she hoped she hadn't booked anyone for makeup because she knew an amazing artist that the bride just HAD to book.  I immediately felt terrible and was worried she would feel trapped by having booked me.  She quickly assured me that she felt great about her decision because her hair stylist was going to recommend ME!  It was just a nice moment that made me feel proud of the business and reputation I work so hard to create with each client and colleague. 


Oh, goodness!  One moment- or rather a favorite day was at a photo shoot.  It was a collaboration between Thirty-One Gifts and Dress For Success.  The shoot featured six amazing women who used the free services at Dress for Success.  These women were not professional models, but they sure did hold their own.  One woman, Rachida who I did makeup for told me she never wore makeup but after seeing the other women get theirs done, wanted to have a little.  She told me she was Muslim and she had left her abusive husband, making her a single mom to her ten year old daughter.  After the first round of photos, the women changed their clothes and got makeup touch ups.  Rachida timidly approached me and asked if she could try eyelashes like the other ladies!  I was elated and pooped some natural lashes on her.  She could not stop looking at herself in the mirror.  Next round of photos and clothing change, Rachida approached me a little more empowered and asked if I would do her hair if she took her head scarf off.  She said she was nervous as she never went around people, especially men without her head dressing.  I agreed, removed her scarf and let down her long, dark curly hair.  I put some product in it to smooth her hair and touched up some curls.  When I was finished, she turned to the mirror and her eyes filled with tears.  I gave her a hug and helped her onto set for the last and final shoot of the 9 hour day.  She proudly put on her graduation gown and posed like a boss with a new-found confidence.  When she was done, the "models" and the entire crew cried together...Happy tears.  Something changed in Rachida that day- her confidence grew, she became empowered.  But it wasn't just the makeup...It was a change within in her from someone investing in her and taking the time to make her feel special, and from the fellow models who supported her.  I was so very humbled and grateful to be a part of it.  "

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